311’mc – Post 32 – Latest Trailer

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We had to make a 60 second trailer so this is what I put together.


311’mc – Post 31 – Interim Critique 3

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Well I hand all of 311MC into tomorrow and I also have my final interim critique , where I will show what I have created, I’m not quite sure If we have just 5mins to show what we have done, or we show our entire film. Either way I will show, my DVD case again, Insert and personalised DVD. So I’m not worried about that.

311’mc – Post 30 – Memory/Power/Spectacle – Mein Krieg

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So I have decided to think finally how, Mein Krieg link to the three main titles, which were Memory, Power and Spectacle. I believe I have conformed to these titles.


  • Mein Krieg not only uses Archive footage, so looking back in history and using memorable images but I believe the piece really is a memorable artifact, not only because its powerful shots and audio sounds, but the story that you find out to be true, that the film is based around the actual events that happened, that the probing in the forest was what actually happened at the Falaise breakout and having that archive footage at the end with the powerful audio really hits home the magnitude what actually happened and hopefully what I have tried to portray.


  • I also believe my artifact conforms to the title power, not only is it a powerful and emotional piece but it is informative and engaging, all the factors which make a powerful piece. It will hopefully live long in the memory because of is powerful and engaging storyline.  


  • I’m quite sure no other student will do a piece like mine this year so spectacle wise, im thinking it will be a big spectacle, just simply because it will be something completely different.

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311’mc – Post 29 – The Finished Product

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This Is just two pictures showing what will be handed in for submission on the 30th April.2010.

  1. The Blog – All research and Information on.
  2. 2x Mein Krieg DVD’s.
  3. 1x Low Res CD of Mein Krieg.
  4. 1x DV tape with Mein Krieg on.

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311’mc – Post 28 – 30 Second Trailer

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When I was told we had to create a 30 second trailer I was abit worried that I wouldnt be able to capture all the information I wanted in 30 seconds, so I decided to focus mainly on the one main character and show snippets of his journey from arriving at base to the breakout. The beat I chose I feel went well with the transitions from one scene to another and also for me it gave a feeling of antisipation. I felt I was able to capture the feeling of the soldier, from happy to being back at base and seeing old friends, to missing his family at home, to being scared of death.

311’mc – Post 27 – Artist Statement

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Running Time – 15mins

Craig Powis

This documentary is about a world war 2 German regiment, Der Windhund. I am portraying in this documentary the Falaise breakout. The allies had control of the sky and so shot up anything that moved in “Kessel”. Der Windhund was dispersed and vastly depleted in numbers; they probed for ways through the American lines but were finally pushed back and given orders to retreat.  I show finally archive footage of the actual events leading up to the surrender of the entire German forces. The documentary starts off with a focus on one particular soldier and then pans out to the entire group. This documentary will be I feel a unique edition of work displayed and add a wider spectrum on types of work students are currently producing.

311’mc – Post 26 – Evaluation

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I am very pleased with the final outcome of my project both the visual and audio for once I believe I have done to my best ability, I am also not too worried on submitting as I am hopeful others will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed producing it. I believe I have stretched my skills on this project and really tried to make a real professional looking artifact, I certainly didn’t want it to be classed as another stereotypical students piece of work.

I found this module to be very useful, not only did it push the boundaries of my skills but it challenged me to create DVD covers, Inserts and Posters whereas before I wouldn’t of bothered with. I really believe that 310mc prepared me perfectly for moving into 311mc with the knowledge and resources I needed to produce this final piece of work, which I think conforms to the original titles, Power, Spectacle and Memory.

This module also gave me the opportunity to work with new equipment like the Sony Z1 camera, I had never used it before and now thanks to this module I am able to easily pick this piece of equipment up and use it to a high quality. But this module was not only about using new equipment, I was able to use familiar equipment like the Riffle Mic and the Marantz to further establish a professional sounding piece.

Not only did I engage in my own work, but also I was given the opportunity to help out Patrick Wintle on his work “Inside Table Cricket” so I got the chance to work with children with physical and learning difficulties. So this module is much more than just another title that  I must get 40% or above to get a pass, It really opened my eyes to new institutions and I believe thanks to this module it will better prepare me for my future outside of university.